We have been looking at improving our product delivery to customers. Gained some quality workers to join in our journey and grow. We now have separate areas of expertise and provide these through differing brands of the World Wide Technology Group,  World Wide Technologies, World Wide Web Developers and The Tech Doctors


By now World Wide Technologies is in the swing of things and providing services to a wider and broader client base. Reputations are continually building, network partners and connections are increasing so as to provide the newest quality products and solutions to our customers. 


In 1998 we were a very small business starting out and helping local businesses with computer repairs, network setups and online presence through websites and the like.  


By 2011 World Wide Technologies is now partnering and providing a greater range of services


In 1999 we registered ourselves as the Business "World Wide Web Developers" At this stage we had already established ourselves a firm reputation for honest and quality work. 


Software partnerships have now been established well, providing quoting software to clients has now become another product we provide and maintain.


2006 Decisions to become World Wide Technology Group and have a range of products and services in varied sectors.