2006 Decisions to become World Wide Technology Group and have a range of products and services in varied sectors. 

Some major changes have occurred since those humble beginnings. Computers actually process faster than i can type or click. Lag is gone (well almost) and i can buy a DVD reader for my computer for only $45. My first 2X2X2 CD Burner cost me $320 at a Computer Swap Meet. ( I believe is still have it)

Office 2003 Professional has come a long way and even looks yummy. XP is really working for Microsoft and the world. The Next version of Windows preview (Vista) didn't seem so enticing, even in the Preview Stages we tested. Well it didn't last and XP managed to outlive its predecessor. Not a common occurrence at all. Macromedia Dreamweaver is now Adobe, Powerquest is nor Symantec, VMware Virtual Workstations is Microsoft and is set to become the next big thing in "HyperV"