Tech Support was provided over phone & remote

Tech Doctors have remotely connected and fixed my problem within minutes whilst i was still speaking with them and watching what they were doing, Amazing to see my mouse cursor move around and do things on its own, kinda spooky, but its all done in a flash. At other times they have connected and spent more time resolving issues, then i get a bill in an email. No fuss, quickly done and no stress. Great products Tech Doctors, keep up the good work!  

The Tech Doctors VPS systems.

I had a slow and run down old computer when Tech Doctors suggested running my business on a VPS server. I thought "Really" what the hell is that"? . Tech doctors explained the scenario and offered a trial. I haven't looked back, got myself a new HP laptop and now i run my business from wherever i am. Although i haven't tried, i could be taking a sunbathe in the Caribbean and still see and do everything as if i was right there in my office in Melbourne. Thanks guys,, Ill send a postcard next time ...

Myob and the cloud

I use a Mac for work but Myob doesn't work well with MacBooks so i always had to have two computers running in the office, one to do accounting and the mac for all other things. Now with the VPS i can login through my Mac, open email Myob and everything i wish to and still do this on the Mac from anywhere. I guess it is still two computers actually, but i only rely on one of them to work from.