Cloud Computing

The "Cloud" has always been just a buzz word. Do you have a server in an adjacent office? Well imagine instead the server is in a Data Centre in Port Melbourne. Now you are cloud computing. 

Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Computing is your next business advancement in the future. Some of the main benefits or using our VPS systems is the absence of required onsite maintenance, reduced running costs, Accessible from anywhere & Expandable without limitation.

Is your Server getting old and requires upgrading? Why not a VPS or Dedicated Server. Minimal maintenance costs, Reduced electricity Bills and seamless disaster recovery requirements in case of unplanned failures and disasters. 

Benefits of Cloud Operations, Reduced power consumption bills, test and tag not required, noise and heat levels are reduced

Lower Maintenance Costs, Replacement Costs, Upgrade Costs. These thoughts are a things of the past, Move onto our cloud and be free

Upgrades, replacements, component repairs not even a though in your mind

Basic in-house servers can add between $30 and $50 a month on your energy bill. ((The Tech Specs) :- A standard configuration HP ML360G6 with a standard 450 Watt power supply will use 157Watts of power per hour in normal operating conditions, This equates to 3.768kWh over a 24HR period which at .30cents per Kwh x 365 Days = $412 )) Include to this the monitor which is plugged in, any other network hardware which is utilised by the server itself. Server Cable Test and Tag is no longer required as there are no cables powering the server, monitor and related hardwares. Noise levels? Do you have a server in your office nearby, you may know or be familiar with that which we are referring to. The heat which is emitted from a server can be substantial also. These savings alone should be reason enough to move on to a Cloud based VPS Server and its benefits.

Business server maintenance can be a costly task, regular cleaning due to environmental dust contamination, replacement of hard drives, component hardware, monitors, keyboard, and numerous other internal and attached components. With a cloud server these items are a thing of the past, there is no server or attached devices in your office, no more cleaning, blowing out, reconfiguring and replacement of failed or ageing components. Another reason to investigate our offers for migration.

Server upgrades due to your expanding business also incurs a hefty cost, larger capacity drives, memory capacity, additional users and installations take time and money, sometimes even a full server rebuild and replacement. We are not saying that upgrades never cost a fee, but with our VPS Servers you could upgrade your server Disk Capacity, Memory or Processor speed (Performance Overall) with a click of a keyboard button. We believe that letting you get on with your business as fast and as efficiently as possible is the key to our success.