VPS & Cloud Services

Currently we are offering business platforms on cloud (VPS) servers. The benefits & costs of running your business in the "Cloud" is worth looking into. 


We are now providing Dedicated Servers and VPS Solutions to our customers. Virtual Private Servers are your next business advancement into the future. Some of the main benefits or using our VPS systems is the absence of required onsite maintenance, reduced running costs, Accessible from anywhere & Expandable without limitation. 

Currently we are Offering Monthly subscriptions starting at $100 for our Melbourne and Brisbane servers. 

If you have read about the benefits of offsite servers, VPS and dedicated servers and would like som further information, please contact us for a discussion. These VPS and remote systems are Nation wide and a visit to your premisses is not required for setup. Once you are on the cloud you can turn your current server off and continue as normal. Customers in New Zealand are welcome, as you may not now but your neighbour in NZ may already be utilising our Cloud services also.


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