Automotive Repair Industry

Specialists. Experience of over 35 yrs.

Experience & know how to merge technology into your workshops and ensure productivity.

Electronic Technology slowly built up prominence into the automobile in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Today there is no shying away. Its part of everyday life in all manner or form.Tech Doctors have dealt, managed and deal with technology in the modern workshop every day. From setting up hardware and devices :- new workstations, office fit outs, servers, printers, scanners, monitors and managing software issues with Autoquote, Quotimation, iBodyshop, Dns Quote plus, Estimage, Pnet. Oasis, Audanet, CarQuote, PPG, Amwin, Microsoft, and a huge list of others. We do installation, monitor antivirus, supply hardware to all levels of your requirements. Image transfer via WiFi to your pc from camera , iPad or phone has been around for over 6 years now, and some quoting packages are now just offering this application. Cloud servers are now becoming well knon, however some have been running their business remotely for over 8 yrs. Many technologies at hand and ready to be implemented. Technology excites us, and bringing the latest to our customers is our passion. . .