Implementing the most

advanced technologies

Knowledge of the latest technologies is a tool in itself to provide a sound service. We keep up with technology and advancements in these areas so as to provide the best and latest information to you, our clients. 

An Example. Cloud computing is now an everyday term for many. Yet for some it is still mind boggling. Simply put, its not as scary as it seems. The costs of Cloud Computing has become affordable for many and the use of SAS (Software as a Service) is becoming the normal. using a VPS Server and hosting your Dedicated server at a Data centre has to be taken into consideration when 

The costs of computers and technology has not risen so greatly as the performance of the computer itself.  An iPhone 3s 32Gb would have cost you approximately $1000 when it arrived in 2009. The iPhone 6 is still under the $1000 mark today, however the specifications and performance of the iPhone 6 today are greater by far than the computers many people had in 2009. The performance of many "Off the Shelf" computers now has out done the performance of computers only 5 years old that to be struggling with a slow computer and wasting productivity is senseless. Its costing you more to keep the old one. Sometimes even a repair is not cost effective. We are honest about this and if we see a better and cost effective solution you will be the second to know.